TWIN-CAT-2 Dual Spindle Unwind / Rewind Station

Label roll width: 155 mm, 170 mm, 255 mm, 270 mm
Max. speed: 125 cm/sec
Outside label roll diameter: max. 220 mm



Is a fast and easy way to deliver label rolls the way you want them.

With two motors and your choice of core holders, you have maximum versatility in setting up the operation you need. Both spindles can rewind, unwind and be controlled (direction and torque) independently.


Many possible applications:
  • Inside wound to outside wound;
  • Reverse the order of serialized labels;
  • Rewind labels on a different core size;
  • Wind small rolls of labels from larger ones;
  • Strip matrix from die-cut labels inline with your printer;
  • Rewind a specific quantity of labels with the inspection and pre-set counter options.


To choose the Core Holder, pick two from the list below. (Mix or Match)



Additional information



Product code


Max. speed

125 cm/sec

Outside label roll diameter

220 mm

Label roll max. width

155 mm, 170 mm, 255 mm or 270 mm

Roll core diameter

25mm, 76 mm or 100 mm.

Max. roll weight

2 x 5 kg


180 x 370 x 470 mm


13,1 kg


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