Label shape: rectangular, round, oval, spec.

Applicable label stroke from 20 to 60 mm

Applicable label width from 20 to 30 mm



TOWA is one of the world’s leading labelling specialists for hand held tools and offers labelling solutions for numerous markets. TOWA APF Series hand held tools are unique design and technical know-how cultivated in long years experience to response to customer requests and market needs. This ensures easy and convenient self-adhesive labeling process.

TOWA APF Series hand held label applicator advantage – a robust construction and the ability to quickly and accurately labeled.

It is a useful and essential tool at the stores, warehouses for logistics, courier companies, food processing companies, fruit and vegetable production facilities and for selling label printing machines.

This is the high-end equipment not only for the rectangle labels but round/oval shaped labels. Adjusting the mechanical sensor of APF label applicators actualized applying to various shaped labels and stickers. It is a all-round type of labeler.


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There are three types of APF depending on the width of labels:

  • APF-30 is easy to handle;
  • APF-60 is the most popular;
  • APF-100 is convenient for a wide label.


TOWA APF Series characteristics:

Applicable label stroke: Applicable label width:
APF-30 from 20 to 60 mm APF-30 from 20 to 30 mm
APF-60 from 20 to 60 mm APF-60 from 20 to 60 mm
APF-100 from 20 to 60 mm APF-100  from 20 to 100 mm



  • The thickness of labels less than 50 micron cannot be used;
  • Maximum external label roll diameter 100 mm;
  • Label internal core diameter – 25 to 40 mm;
  • 2-3 mm gap between each label is required;
  • The Mech-Sensor detects a height of labels from 20 mm up to 60 mm without any adjustment;
  • Some types of film, synthetic paper, and other special labels may not be supported;
  • Please ask us for details before using special labels.


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