6 diameters: 76 mm , 38 mm, 40 mm, 44 mm, 70 mm, 100 mm
3 width: 170 mm, 220 mm, 270 mm



The best answer for quick loading and unloading of label rolls. Quick-Chuck permit to mount or remove a roll of labels on your Rewinder or Unwinder in seconds. They are ideal for heavy rolls, production operations or for holding multiple cores for slitting.


How to use: Slide your label roll over the Quick-Chuck and turn the convenient lock knob. Instantly the roll is locked in place. To remove the roll, just give the lock knob a quick turn to the left and pull the roll of the machine.


Quick-Chuck models:

LMX479 C-38170 38 mm 170 mm Maksimum
12 kg.
LMX480 C-40170 40 mm
LMX481 C-44170 44 mm
LMX482 C-70170 70 mm
LMX483 C-76170 76 mm
LMX484 C-76220 76 mm 220 mm
LMX485 C-76270 76 mm 270 mm
LMX486 C-100170 100 mm 170 mm
LMX487 C-100220 100 mm 220 mm
LMX488 C-100270 100 mm 270 mm




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Product code

LMX479 Ø38 mm, width – 170 mm, LMX480 Ø40 mm, width – 170 mm, LMX481 Ø44 mm, width – 170 mm, LMX482 Ø70 mm, width – 170 mm, LMX483 Ø76 mm, width – 170 mm, LMX484 Ø76 mm, width – 220 mm, LMX485 Ø76 mm, width – 270 mm, LMX486 Ø100 mm, width – 170 mm, LMX487 Ø100 mm, width – 220 mm, LMX488 Ø100 mm, width – 270 mm