PRINTESS Automatic Label Printer – Applicator

PRINTESS is available in 4 VERSIONS


PRINTESS is electronic printer using thermal transfer technology that can encode adhesive labels and apply them automatically on fixed or moving objects.
Because of integrated printer applicator the system ensures maximum effectiveness and speed.

A complete and adaptable range with exclusive features:

  • Speed, precision, adaptability to long run periods;
  • Automatic application of adhesive labels to fixed or moving objects;
  • Ability to encode each label in real time with variable data: expiry date, 1D and 2D barcodes, logos, etc.;
  • Absolute system modularity, with a wide choice of automatic applicators;
  • Possibility of adopting applicators and modules developed by EIDOS to meet specific needs;
  • Adaptable to all lines.

Text editor programme EASYCODE. This programme is developed by EIDOS and operates in Windows. The programme allows text typing and editing, it also has memory. The printer can also operate with other main label design programs: CONDESOFT, LABELVIEW, EASYLABEL, NICELABEL, BARTENDER, BARONE.

PRINTESS is available in 4 VERSIONS:

  • PRINTESS 4.e Compact and economical.
  • PRINTESS 5.e Ability to run continuously for long periods boosts production. For high print-rate applications.
  • PRINTESS 6.e High performance with large labels (tipical A5 format).
  • PRINTESS 8.e High perfomance with huge labels (tipical A4 format).

For more information, see the manufacturer page.

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