Semi-automatic label applicator PR150

Max. label sizes 200 × 600 mm
Product diameter 20–130 mm
For wrap-around labels on cylindrical products



Semi-automatic labelling machine for cylindrical products.

PR150 available with a maximum label width of 200 mm, and is equipped with an unwind unit which accepts reels with a maximum diameter of 300 mm, providing long operation autonomy.

The electronics consist of a single board featuring SMD technology. It uses a 16-bit microprocessor. The user interface consists of a two-line, 20-character/line LCD display and 7 function keys. The software allows up to 40 different operating programmes to be stored, including all information on the label and type of application, making format changes extremely quick.

Labels are detected using a fork photocell, which reads the transparency; an ultrasound sensor which reads the thickness is available for when transparent labels are used.

PR150 can apply wraparound or front/back labels, even of different dimensions positioned on the same reel. PR150 can even apply labels in phase by reading a coloured notch on the product or a previously applied label, for example.



PR150 can also be equipped with an inkjet marker with HP technology for printing variable data such as date and time, barcodes and text with a maximum height of 12.7 mm, a resolution of 300 dpi and speed synchronised with the label supply speed. The text, prepared on a PC using the supplied software, is transferred to the marker via a USB stick.




Additional information

Label size

Min. 15 x 15 mm, Max. 200 x 600 mm

Product diameter

Min. 20 mm, Max. 130 mm

Outside label roll diameter

Max. 300 mm

Core diameter

Min. 38 mm, Max. 110 mm

Electrical supply

230V 50Hz


Can apply one or two different labels to a single product


800 × 500 × 400 mm



Model Brochure

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