PMG-220/LS Automatic labeling equipment

Labeling Speed: 7–30 m/min

Label Width: 10–220 mm

Label Length: 10–250 mm

Weight: 17 kg


Construction of label Applicator PMG-220/LS allows to mount it on various working production line to apply labels on top, side and bottom of moving products. PMG220/LS has simple and reliable construction, microprocessor controller and high quality components that enable easy operation and service of this machine. Device of label tape roller is open and it allows changing the roll of label within 1-2 minutes. The angle of Applicator PMG220/LS can be easily changed using various universal mounting brackets and stand. It can be easily integrated in to transportation line as well.

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Labeling speed

120 mm – 30 m/min, 220 mm – 15 m/min

Label width

10 mm – 220 mm

Label length

10–250 mm

Outside label roll diameter

250 mm

Core diameter

76 mm

Electrical supply

230V 50Hz 5A


Label start delay, Label stop delay, Product counter

Power supply



17 kg

Model Brochure

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