MC-11 Label rewinder

Price – 344 Eur

Label roll core: 25–101 mm
Label roll max. width: 115 mm
Rewinding max. speed: 50 cm/s
Outside label roll diameter: 220 mm


The MC-11 handles labels up to 115 mm wide and will wind a roll of labels up to a 220 mm diameter. This unit includes an Ajustable Core Holder (ACH) that accepts any core size from 25mm to 101mm.The new build-in potentiometer allows to control the amount of rewind speed/torque. No awkward, troublesome belts or clutches are used and no speed adjustments are required.



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Outside label roll diameter

220 mm

Label roll max. width

115 mm

Roll core diameter

adjustable from 25 mm to 101 mm

Rewinding speed

500 mm/s

Power supply

220-240VAC, 50-60Hz.


5,5 kg

Model Brochure

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