RWR-S-SX Label rewinder

Price – 383 Eur

Label roll core: 40–110 mm
Label roll max. width: 140 mm
Rewinding max. speed: 400 mm/s
Outside label roll diameter: 300 mm




Label rewinders increase productivity quickly.

RWR-S-SX is an industrial label rewinder suitable for use with most popular thermal transfer label printers. It is available in both left-hand or right-hand variants, as appropriate for the specific printer.

Rewinds labels up to 140 mm wide. Dancer arm control for automatic stopping and starting with the printer. Inside and outside guide disk.



Additional information

Roll core diameter

from 40 mm till 110 mm

Outside label roll diameter

300 mm

Label roll max. width

140 mm

Rewinding speed

400 mm/s

Electrical supply

230V 50Hz


330 × 410 × 370 mm


13 kg


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