DSP-200 M/F Label dispenser

Label width – 15-200 mm

Label length – 15-600 mm

Speed – 10-15 m/min


DSP-200 developed to suit industrial application, is a semi-automatic dispenser for self-adhesive labels fed in rolls. Fully made of steel, it is easy to operate, is flexible and suitable for any type of label commonly in use.

Max. width is up to 200 mm. The roll holder can be adapted to any core type and can accept rolls from 38 to 110mm diameter. Roll diameter can be up to 300 mm.

Label dispenser DSP-200 M (with mechanical sensor) is ideal for small, medium, and transparent labels. DSP-200 F (with optic sensor) is only for rectangular or square paper labels.

Two sensors controlled by microprocessors scan labels. They can automatically scan the difference between the transparency of the labels and the liner, therefore, the label released is almost completely dispensed. After label dispensing, the next label will be dispensed automatically. Moreover, control plate stops the rotation of the engine at the end of label roll of if it rips, and then an audio signal is activated.

Additional information



Label width

15 mm – 200 mm

Label height

15-600 mm


10–15 m/min

Roll diameter

300 mm

Core diameter

38–110 mm

Electrical supply

230V 50Hz




430 × 410 × 370 mm


11 kg

Model Brochure

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