DSP-100S Label dispenser

Price – 387 Eur

Label width – 15-100 mm
Label length – 15-300 mm
Speed – 10-15 m/min


DSP-100S, developed to suit industrial application, is a semi-automatic dispenser for self-adhesive labels fed in rolls. Fully made of steel, it is easy to operate, is flexible and suitable for any type of label commonly in use.

DSP-100S width is up to 100 mm.

The roll holder can be adapted to any core type and can accept rolls up to 300 mm in diameter, thus offering long operation autonomy. The labels are read by two self-learning sensor microprocessor controlled. They can automatically identify the difference in transparency existing between the label and the paper support, hence presenting the label on the peeler bar almost fully peeled off. After the removal of a label from the paper support, the next label will stick out automatically. Furthermore, the control card to stop the motor rotation when the roll is over or in case of paper tear, and afterwards it will give out an acoustic signal. Also available are an electromechanical detection device for transparent labels and a pre-selection counter.


Additional information



Label width

15 mm – 100 mm

Label height

15-300 mm


10–15 m/min

Roll diameter

180 mm

Core diameter

25 mm

Electrical supply

230V 50Hz




158 × 250 × 167 mm


3,2 kg

Model Brochure

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