CMM Vega 2000W + Ultrasonic cutter UC-50

1 colour on face & 1 colour on in back


CMM Vega 2000W


We present to your attention CMM VEGA brand textile printers for nylon and satin labels. These printers are designed to meet modern business requirements. High productivity, quality and ease of use make these printers unrivaled helpers in the development of your business.







Vega 2000W 

Flagship Model of Vega Series

CMM VEGA 2000W – printing in one color of the front and one color on the back of the label.

Double sided printing and ribbon saving function reduce cost and realize more effective printing.
You can easily edit texts, pictures, lines, rectangles to design labels with original labeling software.

Print speed: up to 150 mm per second.

Resolution: 300 dpi. print on roll media.





UC-50 is an optional equipment for Vega 2000W.

Vega series have ultrasonic cutter UC-50 as an option. It needs to connect both ultrasonic generator and cutter assembly with the care label printer to use Ultrasonic Cutter UC-50.

We recommend UC-50 to cut double sided label.

Generation of fray at the cut edge can be eliminated as the edge is cut precisely by the ultra-sonic cutter.


Product features:

Cut speed 70-120 mm/s
Min. cut width 25,4 mm
Max. cuttable label width 42 mm
Label stacker Automatic
Electrical supply AC230V 50/60 Hz


Printed pieces are piled up neatly by the automatic stacker synchronized with the printing speed.

Printer stacker descends 150 mm to pile up cut labels.



Fabric label samples:


Printing sample Vega 2000W:






Additional information



Printing resolution

300 dpi

Printing width

2 inch

Printing method

Thermal Transfer

Number of heads

2 (1 on face & 1 on back)

Max. printing speed

from 70 mm/s till 150 mm/s

Max. printing width

64 mm

Max. printing length

250 mm

Label width

15 mm – 70 mm

Label length

from 30 mm till 250 mm

Label cutter

Standard: High-speed Rotary Cutter

Label stacker

Auto-descending Type (Max. Height: 150 mm)


Centronics, RS-232, USB 2.0


Internal Ethernet 10/100 Mbps


305 × 365 × 435 mm


32 kg

Model Brochure

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